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Account Management of LiveChatAI

Cancel Subscription

When it comes to business, life should be open to so many changes. Therefore, there are some steps to cancel your subscription.  

You will always be welcome here on your any plan if you want to keep your business alive with LiveChatAI again.

If you want to fully cancel your LiveChatAI subscription, all you need to do is to follow the steps below.

1. Find the "Upgrade Plan" Tab

On the dashboard of your LiveChatAI account, you should click the profile icon and choose "Upgrade Plan" on the dropdown.

the Billing tab of LiveChatAI

2. Manage Plan

You will be directed to the Billing page. Now, click "Manage Plan."

the Manage plan option of LiveChatAI payment

3. Cancel the Plan

On the payment page, you should click "Cancel plan."

the Cancel plan button on the payment page

4. Confirm Cancellation

You should click "Cancel plan" to confirm the cancellation and end your subscription.

the cancellation of plan on LiveChatAI payment page

That's all after choosing to cancel the plan for the second time.

Sharing Feedback

If you want to share your feedback while leaving, we will care about your thoughts and pay attention to how your experience was.

the feedback modal of LiveChatAI after cancelling the plan

Updating or Renewing Plan

When you want to update your plan, you can still click on the related buttons to keep your plan.

the Update plan and Renew plan buttons on LiveChatAI

Your cancellation is completed.

If you have any questions about the process, you can always contact us.