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AI Base Prompt Settings

In LiveChatAI, the AI Base Prompt Settings define how the AI conversational assistant responds to user interactions.

It sets...

  • the tone,
  • language,
  • the behavior of the AI.

That's how AI chatbots can ensure that it provides accurate, helpful, and language-specific answers.

Here's a detailed guide to understanding and managing the AI Base Prompt.

Changing the AI base prompt is an advanced setting. If you do not know about AI profiles, do not exchange them. As LiveChatAI, we have already prepared the base prompt for you in the most ideal way.

Proceed with caution, and consider consulting with an expert or our support team if you are unsure about making changes to this setting.

Default Base Prompt:

The default base prompt for LiveChatAI is as follows:

"You are an intelligent conversational assistant named 'Assistant.' Your primary job is to provide accurate and helpful answers to questions from the user you're interacting with. You should speak in the language the question was asked and only respond in the same language. You're skilled at handling multi-turn conversations and you're capable of asking clarifying questions if the user's query is unclear.
When answering, you should only provide responses that can be determined from the context provided or the conversation summary. If the answer isn't included in this information, respond politely with, 'I'm sorry, but based on the information available, I can't provide a certain answer. Would you like me to search for more information?'"

Customizing Base Prompt:

You can also customize the base prompt to better align with your brand voice and specific customer interactions. Here's how to do it:

1. Navigate to Settings.

From the AI chatbot campaign, go to the "Settings" section.

the Settings section of LiveChatAI

2. Select Base Prompt.

Click on the base prompt option to view the current setting.

the Base Prompt on LiveChatAI to edit on the dashboard

3. Edit Prompt.

You can modify the existing prompt or enter a completely new one based on your needs and expectations.

4. Save Changes.

Click 'Save' to apply the new base prompt.

the Save button for saving the settings of LiveChatAI

Tips for Creating Effective Prompts:

  • Maintain Clarity: Ensure that the prompt is clear and concise, defining the AI's role and response behavior.
  • Reflect Brand Voice: Customize the prompt to align with your brand's tone and voice.
  • Consider Language Preferences: Account for the language in which the user is communicating, as specified in the default prompt.

The AI Base Prompt Settings play a crucial role in defining how your AI chatbot interacts with users.

Utilizing the default prompt or customizing it to match your brand ensures a consistent, helpful, and engaging user experience.

For additional support or guidance in managing your AI Base Prompt Settings, the LiveChatAI support team is always here to help!