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Enriching Chats: Image Responses

Struggling to keep your audience engaged? Elevate your customer interactions by adding images to your AI chatbot responses.

This feature allows you to enrich conversations, providing a more engaging and informative experience for your customers.

All you need to do is to prepare an image in a markdown format first, and add it in a Q&A format to your AI chatbot!

Guide to Implementation

  1. Prepare your answer in markdown format.
  2. To include an image, use the markdown image syntax: ![alt text](URL_of_the_image).

For instance, to add an image of a product, your response in the dashboard would look something like this:

Here's our latest product! ![Latest Product](

3. Navigate to the Q&A section in your LiveChatAI dashboard and click the "Add" button,

Adding Q&A data source from Manage Data Sources section in LiveChatAI

4. Add a possible question first and input your formatted response in the 'Answer' field of your desired Q&A pair,

Editing question and answer data source from the Manage Data Sources section in LiveChatAI
Important Note: Before using markdown to add an image, make sure you write a text response first. This is important because, without the text, your AI chatbot might not respond correctly.

The result will look like this:

LiveChatAI AI bot responds with a visual

Some Tips

  • Ensure images are hosted on a reliable server to maintain accessibility.
  • Optimize image size for faster loading without compromising quality.