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FAQ About AI Chatbot and Live Chat

1. What is LiveChatAI's AI chatbot?

LiveChatAI's AI chatbot is a conversational AI powered by GPT4 technology that can autonomously resolve up to 70% of customer queries on your website. It's designed to provide high-quality, relevant answers to customer questions, based on your support content.

2. How does the live chat feature work?

The live chat feature allows human support representatives to take over conversations where needed. It seamlessly integrates with the AI capabilities, ensuring that customers receive hands-on support when required.

3. Can I customize how the AI chatbot responds?

Yes, you can train the AI chatbot with your support content, control its prompt settings, and adjust the GPT model & temperature. You have full control over how the bot responds to customer queries.

4. How does the AI chatbot work with the live chat?

LiveChatAI's AI chatbot and live chat work together to provide a comprehensive support experience. The bot handles most inquiries, and if a query requires human intervention, it's smoothly handed off to a live chat representative.

5. How do I set up the AI chatbot and live chat on my website?

LiveChatAI provides a simple and user-friendly interface that guides you through creating your AI chatbot and integrating live chat, including adding content, training the bot, customizing settings, and more.

6. Can the AI chatbot understand different languages?

Yes, LiveChatAI supports 95 languages, allowing customers to receive support in their preferred language.

7. How do I ensure that the AI chatbot's answers are accurate?

LiveChatAI uses your support content to ensure that all answers are relevant and in line with your company's guidelines. You can also continually improve the bot by adding and refining content.

8. What if I want to manage both AI chatbot and human support interactions?

LiveChatAI provides a chat inbox and AI chat history, allowing you to manage and monitor both AI chatbot and human-led interactions, all in one place.

9. Can I set working hours for the live chat feature?

Yes, you can customize messenger working hour settings to align with your support team's availability.

10. How can I measure the performance of the AI chatbot and live chat?

LiveChatAI offers analytics that help you understand the efficiency, responsiveness, and customer satisfaction related to both the AI chatbot and live chat interactions.

11. How does LiveChatAI ensure security and privacy in chat interactions?

LiveChatAI adheres to strict security policies and privacy guidelines, ensuring that all interactions are protected, and customer data is handled with care.

These FAQs provide a comprehensive understanding of LiveChatAI's AI chatbot and live chat features, helping potential users gain insight into how these features can benefit their customer support efforts.