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Adding Questions and Answers

Are you looking for new ways to improve your AI chatbot? How about developing your AI chatbot with questions and answers?

Also, you need to know that both you can add and AI can generate questions and answers for you with LiveChatAI as well.

It sounds unusual, but it’s totally worth trying and improving your AI chatbot.

Do you wonder how you can add questions and answers to your AI chatbot? Let’s go!

1. Find the Data Source of Your AI Chatbot.

When you log in to your LiveChatAI account, you need to find your target AI chatbot.

Then, among the different options for arranging it, you should click β€œData Source.”

the Workspace of LiveChatAI

2. Choose Q&A to Arrange.

Under β€œManage Data Sources,” you should choose the third title, β€œQ&A.”

There are two options here. You can either β€œGenerate with AI” or β€œAdd.”

the Q&A part under Manage Data Source section of LiveChatAI

A. Generating Questions and Answers with AI

If you choose that option, AI finds various questions and suggests you choose among them.

If you click the β€œAdd” button, it will automatically be added to the bot.

Adding the questions or not totally depends on you. If you don’t like any of them but still feel unmotivated, you can generate them again.

the questions generated with AI on LiveChatAI

B. Add Questions and Answers Yourself

If you want to add specific questions and answers to train your AI chatbot, they can also be added after clicking the β€œSave” button.

the question and answer bar to fill in with content on LiveChatAI

3. This is All!

Adding questions and answers to the AI chatbot powered by LiveChatAI is super easy and beneficial, no matter what.

There, you can get that as long as you want to improve your AI chatbot; all is possible with LiveChatAI.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions! 😊