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How to Integrate LiveChatAI with WhatsApp

Are you tired of manually responding to countless WhatsApp messages day in and day out? Do you dream of providing lightning-fast responses to your customers or streamlining your personal messaging experience with the power of AI? If so, you're in the right place.

Whether you're a business owner looking to streamline customer interactions or an individual seeking to enhance your messaging experience, LiveChatAI integration with WhatsApp offers a powerful solution.

What you need to start integration:

  • You need to have a Meta for Developers account for your business app and a verified Meta business account.
  • You need to have a LiveChatAI account.

Table of contents:

  1. Configuration Settings on Meta for Developers
  2. API Setup for LiveChatAI

Configuration Settings on Meta for Developers

Let's get started!

  1. First of all, you need to scroll along to the Embed & Integrate tab in your AI chatbot dashboard,
Embed & Integrate Section in the LiveChatAI dashboard

2. Click on the "Add WhatsApp" to start the integration ,

Adding WhatsApp integration to LiveChatAI AI Bot from the Embed & Integrate section

3. To verify, you need to enter some fields with the information taken from the Meta for Developers dashboard such as Phone Number, Phone Number ID and Token as well as you need to enter values given by LiveChatAI,

Add to WhatsApp button in Embed & Integrate section to connect LiveChatAI AI bot

4. Copy the Webhook URL first,

Copying Webhook URL from WhatsApp integration section in LiveChatAI

5. Navigate to your Meta for Developers account first, then find the Configuration section below the WhatsApp tab from the left bar,

WhatsApp configuration in Meta for Developers

6. Click the Edit button to see more,

7. Enter the Webhook Callback URL that you copied from LiveChatAI before,

Quickstart section for editing webhook's callback URL in Meta for Developers

8. Then, turn back to the WhatsApp Integration part in LiveChatAI and copy the Verify Token this time,

Copying verify token key from the LiveChatAI WhatsApp integration section

9. Now, please go back to Meta for Developers and paste the Verify Token to the related section,

Pasting verify token key copied from LiveChatAI to Meta for Developers

10. Click the Verify and Save button to continue.

Clicking Verify and save button in Meta for Developers

11. On the Webhook Fields section, please click the Manage button,

Managing Webhook fields in Configuration section in Meta for Developers

12. Scroll the page to the Messages part and mark the Subscribe section,

Selecting messages field for Webhook fields in Meta for Developers

13. Click the Done button to save your changes and that's it!

Clicking Done button in Webhook fields section in Meta for Developers to save

Your WhatsApp Integration is verified in your LiveChatAI dashboard. You can refresh the page to see changes.

API Setup for LiveChatAI

  1. On your Meta for Developers dashboard, find the API Setup section from the left bar,
Getting the phone number from part in WhatApp API Setup section in Meta for Developers

2. Copy the Phone Number that you want to send messages from,

WhatsApp section in Meta for Developers from the API Setup part

3. On the Integration section in your AI Chatbot dashboard, please click verified WhatsApp integration in LiveChatAI and paste the phone number first,

Pasting the phone number to LiveChatAI copied from Meta for Developers

4. Then again on your Meta for Developers account find the Phone Number ID below your phone number section and copy it,

Getting phone number ID from Meta for Developers

5. Go back to the LiveChatAI and paste the phone number ID this time

Pasting phone number id to the LiveChatAI copied from Meta for Developers
Upon providing your business number, Meta will conduct a verification process that may pose challenges for manual management by agents.

6. To the last, open Meta for Developers again and copy the Access Token,

Copying the temporary access token from Meta for Developers

7. Paste the Access Token to the part in the integration.

Pasting token key to the LiveChatAI copied from Meta for Developers

Important Note: The Acces Token taken from the API Setup section will be temporary and expire within 23 hours for security reasons, which means that your AI chatbot will stop running.

To make it permanent please check this documentation to get a new permanent access token:

Now, you can experience the power of LiveChatAI directly on WhatsApp. Just message us at +1 (202) 898-2201 and witness our AI chatbot in action!