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How to Train the LiveChatAI AI Chatbot With Your Content?

Training your AI chatbot with your content ensures that it understands your brand, products, and services, allowing it to provide accurate and relevant responses to customer inquiries..

the Manage Data Sources title on the LiveChatAI dashboard

Here's a guide to the various methods supported by LiveChatAI:

We can crawl your entire website up to 300 pages. We suggest that you add your support center content only to ensure that the bot learns from the most relevant information.

If you need to add some custom text to enhance the AI's knowledge about specific topics, you can simply input the text. This method allows for personalized training to align the bot with your specific needs and preferences.

You can add PDF files that contain important information to train the AI. Whether it's product manuals, guides, or other textual data, this feature enables the bot to learn directly from your existing documents.

If users cannot get answers from the AI, you can track these interactions in the inbox and add the unanswered questions as custom questions and answers. This enables the AI to learn from real interactions, continually improving its ability to assist users.