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Features & Customization of LiveChatAI

How to Integrate LiveChatAI with Slack

Are you seeking to boost productivity and streamline communication within your Slack workspace?

Look no further!

LiveChatAI's integration with Slack brings the power of AI to your fingertips, making internal communication, customer support, and HR inquiries more efficient than ever.

Perfect for businesses eager to automate processes and enhance workplace productivity.

What You Need to Begin Integration:

  1. A Slack account with administrative privileges.
  2. A LiveChatAI account.

Configuration Settings in Slack

Let's dive in!

  1. In your LiveChatAI dashboard, navigate to the Embed & Integrate section.
Embed & Integrate Section in the LiveChatAI dashboard

2. Select the "Add Slack" option to initiate the integration process,

Adding Slack integration to LiveChatAI AI Bot from the Embed & Integrate section

3. Click on the Add Slack button and you will be directed to the Slack permission screen to add the LiveChatAI app to your Slack Workspace,

Add to Slack button in Embed & Integrate section to connect LiveChatAI AI bot
To apply this process, you need to be a Workspace Owner in your Slack app. 

4. Copy your LiveChatAI's API Token and ChatbotId from the same page.

API Token and ChatbotID information for Slack integration with LiveChatAI

5. After finishing adding the LiveChatAI app to your Slack workspace, you will be prompted to enter specific details to your Slack workspaces, such as "API Token" and "ChatbotID", which you can find in your Embed & Integrate section in LiveChatAI,

Slack channel API Key and AI Bot ID section to integrate it with LiveChatAI AI bot

6. Submit these settings in Slack and ask for your first question in any channel or message by using the /askai command.

askai command to trigger LiveChatAI slack bot in a Slack channel

Congratulations! Your Slack workspace is now empowered with LiveChatAI, and your AI chatbot for Slack is ready!  

Important Notes:

  • You need to invite your Slack bot to start a conversation about creating a Slack AI chatbot:

 1. Either you can mention (@LiveChatAI) LiveChatAI to the channel/conversation you want to add,

 2. Or you can click the "Add Member" section from the right top of the channel, click on the Integration tab, and find LiveChatAI from the list.

  • You have the option to utilize the /askai command for assistance whenever needed. Feel free to engage in further inquiries in the same Slack thread, initiating a dialogue with your AskAI for detailed responses.
LiveChatAI Slack bot continues to reply queries in the existing thread
  • Your Slack bot is designed not to browse through your Slack history. However, if you export data from Slack and upload it in a compatible content format, the bot can then access this information.

How to Customize Slackbot

Personalize your LiveChatAI Slack bot to reflect your business identity by adding your business name and logo.

This customization enhances the bot's integration into your Slack workspace, making it a seamless part of your team's communication. It will help you form Slackbot custom responses:

Here's how you can do it:

  1. In your Embed & Integrate section, under the Slack Integration, you'll find a tab labeled "Slack bot username" and "Upload Slack bot avatar" section.
Customizing Slack bot username and logo in LiveChatAI dashboard

2. Click on this tab and enter the name and logo of your business. This name and logo will be used by the Slack bot when interacting in your workspace, providing a familiar and branded communication experience.

Showing how customized Slack bot seems in the Slack channel

Customizing your LiveChatAI Slack bot not only enhances the visual appeal but also strengthens your brand presence within your internal communication channels.

Enjoy seamless communication, automated responses, and a smarter way to manage your workspace with AI-driven solutions!