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FAQ General

1. What is LiveChatAI?

LiveChatAI is a GPT4-powered AI chatbot and live chat system designed to provide 24/7 customer support. It reduces support volumes and delivers high-quality, accurate answers to customer queries.

2. How does LiveChatAI reduce support volume?

By answering customer inquiries efficiently and accurately, LiveChatAI can autonomously resolve up to 70% of customer queries on your website, thus reducing the need for human support and cutting down on ticket volume.

3. Can I trust the answers provided by LiveChatAI?

Yes, LiveChatAI relies solely on your support content to provide answers, ensuring that each response aligns with your company's support guidelines.

4. How quickly can LiveChatAI be activated?

LiveChatAI can scrape content from various sources for instant activation, and it continues to learn and improve over time. It ensures that your customers receive up-to-date support.

5. In which languages does LiveChatAI offer support?

LiveChatAI supports 95 different languages, ensuring accessibility for a diverse customer base.

6. How does LiveChatAI work with live chat?

LiveChatAI seamlessly integrates with human-led live chat, allowing for a balanced combination of automated and hands-on support.

7. Is LiveChatAI suitable for e-commerce and SaaS businesses?

Yes, LiveChatAI is designed to streamline customer service for e-commerce, SaaS businesses, and any customer support department, offering quick and accurate support.

8. How does LiveChatAI ensure accuracy in answers?

LiveChatAI is built to provide answers based strictly on your support content, avoiding any misleading or irrelevant information.

9. Does LiveChatAI get better over time?

Yes, LiveChatAI continues to learn and improve as your support content evolves. It also manages custom questions not previously answered by the bot.

10. Can I customize LiveChatAI to suit my business needs?

Yes, LiveChatAI offers customization options such as messenger working hours, widgets, and more to align with your brand and specific customer support needs.

11. What are the Key Features of LiveChatAI?

LiveChatAI offers various key features:

  • GPT4-Powered Conversational AI for automated responses
  • Human-led Live Chat for personalized support
  • Custom content training for personalized and accurate answers
  • Various plans tailored to your needs and budget
  • 24/7 support in 95 languages
  • Quick activation and data scraping for up-to-date support.

12. How Do I Turn On/Off Human Support?

You can easily toggle the human support option on or off during the setup process or later via the settings on your LiveChat dashboard.

13. Common Myths about AI Chatbots

There are several misconceptions about AI chatbots, such as they are impersonal, complicated to set up, or only suitable for large companies. LiveChatAI aims to debunk these myths by offering easy setup, scalability, and the ability to offer both automated and personalized support.

14. How to Install LiveChatAI?

Installing LiveChatAI on your website is straightforward. After creating your AI chatbot, go to the "Embed & Share" section on your dashboard, copy the code, and paste it in the <head> section of your website's source code.

15. How to Train My LiveChatAI Chatbot?

You can train your AI chatbot by adding your entire website, custom text, PDFs, or custom questions and answers. This ensures the bot is aligned with your brand and can provide the most relevant and accurate responses.