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πŸ€– Your Contents & Improving AI Chatbot

Adding Entire Website or Help Center Content

The first rule of having the perfect AI chatbot with LiveChatAI is to add a data source to train.

Though it might sound so challenging, we assure you that it only takes copy & paste.

If you have created your first AI chatbot, you should know how to add your data at the beginning of the creation process.

It is still possible to make additions even after you have fully created your AI chatbot.

So, now we will present a few steps for how to add the entire website or help center content to your AI chatbot as an additional source.

1. Customize Your AI Chatbot.

After you have logged into your account, you will see your Workspace.

You need to choose β€œData Source” to reach β€œManage Data Source.”

the Workspace sample of LiveChatAI

2. Enter the URL to the Proper Sections.

A. Adding the Entire Website

To add the entire website to your AI chatbot, you need to enter your domain into the first bar just under the β€œCrawl a new website.”

And click β€œFetch new links from the domain.”

There, the crawlers will find all the pages under the domain.

B. Adding Help Center Content

If there is only one piece of content you want to add to your website, we suggest you enter its URL into the β€œCrawl a single URL.” section.

If you want to add the whole help center, then you need to paste your URL to the β€œCrawl a new website” bar.

Lastly, click β€œFetch single link.”

the Manage Data Sources of LiveChatAI

3. Your Content is Added.

After you have added the URL, this will automatically be added to your AI chatbot.

the successful imported data sample on LiveChatAI

Now, you can also ask questions to your bot about this content per se because it is all ready.

You can relieve that you don’t have to worry about the page links that you haven’t added before.

LiveChatAI is always ready to crawl and find a solution for you while you are working on your growth and customer relations.

If you have any questions about adding an entire website or help center content to your AI chatbot, please don’t hesitate to reach us whenever you want.

We’ll always be live! πŸ˜‰