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Features & Customization of LiveChatAI

Initial & Suggested Messages

Both initial and suggested messages are important for personalizing and customizing your AI chatbot.

The first impression is nearly everything. And imagine that you welcome your visitors properly to make a good first impression.

In fact, it is a combination of traditional and contemporary ways of greeting visitors online.

Therefore, the greeting should be interesting and make your visitors feel comfortable asking questions or contacting you for anything helpful.

With LiveChatAI, you can edit your initial message to your visitors and initiate a conversation by making use of the benefits of AI.

This is how you can easily edit your AI chatbot's initial and suggested message.

1. Find “Customize.”

After logging into your LiveChatAI account, you should find “Customize” among the titles.

the Customize section of LiveChatAI

2. Scroll down and Edit “Initial & Suggested Messages.”

On the related content box, you can edit the Initial Message.

the Initial & Branding settings of LiveChatAI

If you have more than one initial message, you can enter them line by line.

3. Edit “Suggested Message” in the Same Section.

You can recommend new questions or topic titles by getting inspiration from the frequently asked questions.

Or, you can give an idea to your visitors what you can do for them with certain phrases and share their details as the answers.

Each line represents a new question or head title.

By following only three steps, you can edit your initial and suggested messages for your visitors.

If you have any questions related to the initial and suggested messages, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'll always be ready and happy to help.