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AI Actions of LiveChatAI

AI Actions with OpenAPI

AI Actions utilizes OpenAPI capabilities to enhance the integration of AI chatbots with existing systems, improving efficiency and dynamic interactions within your digital assets.

It goes beyond mere connectivity, enabling data fetching, action triggering based on specific conditions, and automating complex sequences, thus serving as a portal to a smarter and more responsive system.

It's important to note that this feature is geared towards users with a more technical background, including those familiar with API integrations and complex automation workflows.

Let's delve into a use case example to illustrate how AI Actions can revolutionize your business processes.

How to Get Weather Updates from AI Chatbot Using OpenAPI

To apply this scenario, you need to have a LiveChatAI account, and an OpenAPI file designated to your business.  

1.Log into your LiveChatAI account first and navigate to the AI Actions section from the AI chatbot dashboard.

showing install ai action button under AI Actions section in LiveChatAI dashboard

2. Click on the Install AI Action button to continue, you will see OpenAPI. Click the Create an AI Action button,

choosing the create an ai action under Open API option under AI Actions tab in LiveChatAI

3. After clicking, please choose how to implement your OpenAPI docs either from the URL or by pasting the documentation directly,

pasting the open api documentation url to the LiveChatAI

4. For our example, we will access the public OpenAPI documentation of RedAntAI,

getting api documentation info from the open api while creating an AI Action in LiveChatAI

5. Should your OpenAPI documentation require authentication, ensure to input the API Key following and select the auth type,

selecting the auth type and authentication option in LiveChatAI for creating an ai action
Currently, the LiveChatAI OpenAPI AI Actions does not support OAuth authentication.

6. After importing OpenAPI documentation, endpoints for available actions will be seen and added automatically after you click "Create AI Action",

showing available actions coming from the open api documentation in LiveChatAI

Important Note: You should remove unwanted available actions after creating AI Actions from the "My AI Actions" list.

activated Open API AI actions under AI Actions tab in LiveChatAI

That's it! Now, you can try to get weather information from the Preview section.