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⚡️AI Actions

What is AI Actions?

Welcome to the future of customer engagement with LiveChatAI's latest feature: AI Actions. Designed to empower users across the spectrum of technical expertise, AI Actions revolutionize how you interact with and serve your customers.

What Solutions Does AI Actions Offer?

AI Actions, an advanced feature of LiveChatAI, integrates seamlessly with your platform to enable real-time data processing, offering personalized updates and responses from any API. This feature enhances customer experiences with personalized interactions and immediate updates, such as Shopify order statuses or tailored weather forecasts.

It also supports data-driven decisions with accurate analytics and is designed for ease of use, allowing users of all skill levels to implement customizable workflows.

Integration Options: Webhooks,, and Open API


Webhooks are a simple yet powerful way to enable real-time communication between applications. In the context of AI Actions, webhooks allow you to set up automated responses or actions triggered by specific events. For example, when a new customer signs up on your platform, a webhook can trigger a welcome message or an onboarding email. integration offers a more visually intuitive way to connect LiveChatAI with various applications and services. It allows you to create complex workflows with a drag-and-drop interface, making it easier to automate tasks and manage data flow between multiple systems.

Open API

The Open API integration expands the capabilities of AI Actions further, allowing for more dynamic and sophisticated interactions. It's particularly useful for businesses looking to integrate AI chatbots with their existing systems, unlocking the full potential of their digital ecosystem. This option is ideal for users who require a more tailored and advanced level of integration.

How to Utilize Webhooks with AI Actions

While Webhooks are a part of the AI Actions ecosystem, it's essential to understand their specific capabilities and uses. Webhooks work by "listening" for events in one application and automatically triggering a corresponding action in another.

For example, when a ticket is marked as resolved in a customer service platform, a webhook could trigger an AI Action in LiveChatAI to send a follow-up survey to the customer.

Webhooks are incredibly versatile and can be used for various purposes, such as notifications, data synchronization, and triggering automated workflows based on specific events. Their real-time nature makes them an invaluable tool in creating responsive and interactive customer engagement strategies.