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AI Settings of LiveChatAI

Knowledge Restriction Feature

Knowledge Restriction feature of your AI chatbot, designed to give you control over the depth and focus of your chatbot's responses.

This unique feature allows you to tailor the chatbot's replies to fit the exact needs of your conversations, whether you're looking for concise, context-specific answers or more expansive, conversational interactions.

Benefits of Using the Knowledge Restriction Feature

  • Adjust the toggle to ensure that your AI chatbot's answers are either strictly relevant to the provided context or enriched with broad knowledge.
  • With the toggle OFF, your chatbot taps into a wide range of information, making it more versatile and engaging in conversations.
  • Turning the toggle ON narrows your chatbot's responses, perfect for specific queries where only direct answers are preferred.

How to Use the Knowledge Restriction Feature

  1. Navigate to your AI chatbot's Settings
  2. Look for the “Knowledge Restriction” option under AI Answer Settings.
  3. To restrict your chatbot to context-specific answers, turn the Knowledge Restriction toggle ON. This mode is ideal when accuracy and directness are key.
  4. To allow your chatbot to provide more detailed, conversational responses that draw from a broader knowledge base, turn the toggle OFF.
Switching the Knowledge Restriction toggle OFF makes your AI chatbot more dynamic and engaging. It allows the AI to use a wide range of facts, examples, reasoning, and insights, enriching conversations and making them more enjoyable. This setting is great for when you want to boost user engagement and provide richer information.