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Auto Follow-Up Questions Feature

The Auto Follow-Up Questions feature in LiveChatAI is a dynamic tool designed to deepen the conversation between your AI chatbot and users.

By suggesting related questions within the context of the ongoing discussion, this feature not only enriches the interaction but also guides users on how to ask more effective and relevant questions.

Benefits of the Follow-Up Question Feature

  • Encourage deeper engagement by enabling your chatbot to suggest contextually relevant follow-up questions.
  • Assist users in navigating through topics by providing cues on how to explore further information or related areas of interest.
  • Keep users engaged longer by maintaining a flowing, dynamic conversation that naturally progresses through relevant topics.

How to Use the Follow-Up Question Feature
Navigate to your AI chatbot's Settings

  1. Navigate to your AI chatbot's Settings
  2. Look for the “Auto follow-up questions” option under AI Answer Settings.
  3. Enable it to start incorporating this functionality into your chatbot's responses. Your AI chatbot will generate follow-up questions automatically.