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πŸ’ͺ Features & Customization

Customizing Branding Settings

When it comes to the further customization of your AI chatbot, LiveChatAI provides the possibility of customizing the branding settings.

On the Branding Settings, you can easily change the appearance and help emphasize the importance of brand identity.

By editing the details based on your brand image, LiveChatAI helps you display a more personalized and relevant style to your business.

To Customize Branding Settings

1. Β Find "Customize" to Edit.

The "Customize" option is among the titles on the LiveChatAI dashboard.

the Customize tab of LiveChatAI

2. Choose "Branding Settings" and Start Editing.

the Branding settings of LiveChatAI
You can change the Theme however you like or how it fits your brand.

You can...

  • "Reset" the Theme if you like.
  • Change the Chatbot header color,
  • Edit the Chatbot message color,
  • Modify User message color,
  • Upload the header logo.

3. Save Your Changes.

To apply all the changes you made, you should save the changes by clicking the "Save" button.

All in all, after saving all the changes, you will have a proper AI chatbot that can be a better fit for your website.

If you have any questions about customizing branding settings, we're always ready to help.