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AI Actions with

Our initial rollout introduces integration with, renowned for its versatility in connecting various applications and services. This integration allows users to automate tasks by connecting the AI chatbot to multiple services through's robust webhooks.

Setting up AI Actions is straightforward.

Let's take a look at a use case example to see how AI Actions can effectively streamline your business processes.

How to Set Up a Shopify Order Tracking System Using A Detailed Guide

To start the process you need to have a LiveChatAI, and account, and a Shopify store first.

  1. Log in to your LiveChatAI account first and navigate to the AI Actions section from the AI chatbot dashboard.
Showing Install AI Action button in AI Actions section in LiveChatAI

2. Click on the Install AI Action button to continue, you will see Click Add Make button, integration Section below Install AI Action in LiveChatAI AI Actions tab

3. After clicking, please enter on which condition you want your AI chatbot to take an action,

Specifying the condition in AI Action section for LiveChatAI
In this use case, we'll demonstrate how to configure an AI chatbot to automatically retrieve order status information from Shopify in response to a visitor's request, using to facilitate this automation process.

4. Click the Collect Data button to clarify your trigger condition,

Clicking Collect Data button in Install AI Action section

5. Identify and specify the data to be collected from visitors, adding detailed descriptions for each Input for clarity,

Entering input name and input description in LiveChatAI AI Action section
If your trigger action is more complex, simply click the 'Collect Data' button to add additional input fields for names and descriptions.

6. Click the Continue button below to add the webhook URL and navigate to your account.

Creating a New Scenario on

Login to your account first.

  1. Click the Scenarios option from the left sidebar,
Showing the Scenarios section in

2. After navigating the Scenarios page, please click the Create a New Scneario button from the top right,

Clicking create a new scenario button in

3. Then, you need to tap "+" button and find Webhooks from the list,

Adding Webhooks module to the Scenario in

4. By the time you add Webhooks, you need to choose the Custom Webhook trigger from the list,

Editing Webhook module by customizing webhook trigger

5. After adding the trigger, you must Add a new hook,

Choosing a hook in Webhook Module Modules

6. Following the naming the hook, you will get a "Webhook URL". Please do not forget to copy this URL because you must paste it to LiveChatAI.

Copying the URL link from the Webhoos Module

7. Navigate back to where you left LiveChatAI dashboard and paste the URL to the related section,

Pasting the Webhooks URL to AI Action Section in LiveChatAI
You can try to Send Test Data to see whether the webhook is successfully connected to your LiveChatAI panel or not.

8. Once you click the Save button below, your Action will be activated, completing the setup process on the LiveChatAI platform.

My AI Actions below AI Actions section in LiveChatAI

9. Turn back to to complete your scenario and click "+" button to add Shopify module this time,

Adding Shopify app as a second module to the Scenario in

10. In this scenario, we will use the Search for Fulfillment as the key identifier to provide customers with the most up-to-date order status,

Selecting Search for Fulfillment trigger from the list in second module in scenario

11. Select a Shopify account from the list where you want to get order status by clicking the Add button,

Choose an account in Shopify module in the Scenario in

12. To continue, link your Shopify account with for authorization. Once connected, choose a predefined 'Order Id' to use as the Order ID,

Adding Order ID information to Webhooks module in

13. To give a proper response, you need to add another module to your scenario with Webhooks again and select "Webhook Response" from the Actions list,

Webhook Response as a third module in Scenario

14. Then, you need to enter the Body part to your response and decide what AI chatbot response is going to be when a customer asks for order status.

Customizing body part in Shopify module in Scenario

15. After you finish editing your modules, do not forget to save the scenario and make the status "On".

Turning the scenario status active in Scenario

And congrats! You are done with editing your scenario. By the time, a visitor asks for the order status, the scenario will be triggered.

Do you have questions about AI Actions and a bit confused about how to setup? Contact us!