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Understanding Your LiveChatAI Message Quota

What is a Message Quota?

Your message quota is the total number of message units you are allocated each month as part of your LiveChatAI subscription. This quota includes all visitor queries, responses from our AI Bot, and replies from human agents.

message quota on the billing page in LiveChatAI

How is Your Quota Used?

  1. Visitor Queries: Each query or message sent by a visitor to your chat counts as one message unit.
  2. AI Bot Responses: Every response given by our AI Bot is typically counted as one message unit. However, if the AI Bot's response exceeds 200 words (approximately 450 tokens), it will be counted as two message units. This is to account for the additional resources used in generating longer responses.
  3. Human-Agent Responses: Similar to visitor queries, each response from a human agent is counted as one message unit.
Why Do Longer AI Bot Responses Count More: Longer AI Bot responses require more computational resources to generate. By setting a word/token threshold, we ensure fair usage of our resources across all users. When an AI response crosses 200 words (or about 450 tokens), it is considered as two messages instead of one.

Tracking Your Usage

On the Billing page, you can easily track your current usage. It shows the total number of message units used in the current month, helping you stay informed about your quota consumption.

Exceeding Your Monthly Message Quota?

If you exceed your monthly quota, you have two options:

  1. Bring Your Own OpenAI API Key: Integrate your OpenAI API key for unlimited message quota. Β 
  2. Buy Extra Message Add-On: Get 2,000 additional messages for $29, valid until your next billing cycle.

Important Note: On your dashboard, you have the ability to view the message count for each AI bot separately.

total message count showing on an individual ai bot in LiveChatAI

This count includes:

  • Initial Message: The first message initiated by a visitor is counted as 1 message for that specific AI bot.
  • Subsequent Interactions: Each message from the visitor and each response from the AI bot and Human Agent are then counted individually.
It's important to note that the number you see on your dashboard for each AI bot is separate from what is displayed on the Billing page. The Billing page shows the aggregate total of messages.