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πŸ€– Your Contents & Improving AI Bot

Adding PDF Content

LiveChatAI provides all the methods for you to improve your AI bot easily.

If you don’t want to enter your URL for crawling data and creating your AI bot, there are other ways possible.

For example, you can add PDF content.

About how to add PDF content to your AI bot, you need only a few steps to complete, and voila!

Let’s start now!

1. Find "Data Source."

After you enter your LiveChatAI account, click β€œData Source” on your AI bot.

This will directly allow you to find and manage data sources.

the data source of an AI bot

2. Find "PDF."

When you click 'Data Source' you will reach titles, and you should click "PDF."

Then, you need to click "Choose file".

the PDF file of the Manage Data Source title

3. Choose Your PDF & Upload.

When you choose PDF and import your file, you should click "Upload" to continue the process.

the Imported and Trained PDF Contents and successful sign of adding content on LiveChatAI

All in all, there are many ways to add content to your AI bot, and you can start whenever you want.

If you have any questions about adding PDF content to your AI bot, feel free to contact us!