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Human Support Live Chat Improvements


New Features and Improvements:

  • Human Support Button Improvement: You can now exercise more control over the user experience by toggling off the human support button and feedback survey that appears after each message.
  • Agent & User Online Visibility: A new feature allows you to view the online status of agents and users.
  • Informative Messages: An informative message dimension has been added to allow users to request human support when necessary. You can change the text under the translation settings.
  • Enhanced Messenger UI: We've introduced several user experience improvements within the messenger interface, including enhanced agent information display. These updates make your interactions with LiveChatAI even more seamless and intuitive.

Bug Fixes:

  • Text data adding bug.
  • Website crawl issues.

We're committed to improving LiveChatAI based on user feedback. If you have suggestions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.