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How to Add an AI Bot to Joomla with LiveChatAI

Joomla is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) for publishing web content on websites.

LiveChatAI harnesses state-of-the-art AI technology to autonomously address up to 70% of customer queries. With the ability to learn and evolve over time, LiveChatAI adapts to your unique content and support guidelines, ensuring precise and efficient responses for your Joomla website.

Let's take a look at how to embed AI bot your Joomla website.

How to add an AI bot to a Joomla Website?

  1. Create a LiveChatAI account first to start.
  2. Then navigate to the Embed & Share tab in your AI bot dashboard.

3. Copy the embed code given for the floating button option.

Reminder: There are 3 different options for the AI bot visibility; a floating button, full-page, and inline. In this documentation, the floating button option is selected as an example. You may choose a different version.

4. Go to your Joomla website’s admin panel and click β€œSystem.”

5. On your system dashboard, click on β€œSite Templates” under the β€œTemplates” part.

6. Your templates will show up, and you can select the template to which you want to add your embed code.

7. Click on the β€œindex.php” file in your template file’s editor section.

8. Then, scroll down to the end of the file and paste your Popupsmart embed code before the </body> tag. Click on the β€œSave & Close” button.

Joomla AI Bot FAQ

Can LiveChatAI be tailored to meet the unique needs of my Joomla website?

Certainly, LiveChatAI can be customized to align with your Joomla site's content and support guidelines, ensuring that responses are precise and tailored to your specific requirements.

How does LiveChatAI operate on my Joomla website?

 LiveChatAI deploys advanced GPT-4-powered AI technology to autonomously handle a substantial portion of customer inquiries on your Joomla website, ensuring efficient and accurate responses.

What percentage of customer queries can LiveChatAI handle autonomously on my Joomla website?

LiveChatAI can autonomously address up to 70% of customer queries on your Joomla website, significantly reducing the workload on your support team.